Help us build a new
financial operating system

Paperclip builds modern finance and accounting tools for the world's most ambitious startups. We're helping our customers automate their back office so they can spend less time worrying about routine tasks, and more time scaling their product.

We're just getting started, the biggest problems to solve are still in the future, and we'd love your help.

Our core values
will bring Paperclip to life

Customer Obsessed

Everything we build is for our customers. We never assume we know more than our customers and we find creative ways to include them in our decision making.

Do Things that Don't Scale

All great things start small. We believe this helps us get to market and test our assumptions faster, but also means the entire team must roll up their sleeves.

Improvement is a Process

We believe improvement is a process, not a goal. Each voice is important and everyone must feel empowered to pitch ideas to improve – whether that's product, how we run things, or culture.

We are building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company

People are at their best when they know they are valued for who they are. At Paperclip, we are striving to build a team with a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences not just because it is a business imperative, but because it is the right thing to do.

Career Opportunities