Trusted by our customers

Bryant Lee
Co-Founder @ Cognition IP

"Paperclip feels like a member of the team rather than a third party service provider."

Ali Ansary
Co-Founder & CEO @ Ozette Technologies

“They are incredibly responsive and go above and beyond to make sure I understand my finances.”

Sarah Ahmad
Co-Founder & CEO @ Stable

"Paperclip made it easy to keep our books up to date with minimal work on our side."

Daniele Packard
Co-Founder @ Cloudthread

"Before Paperclip, our accounting was a consistent headache and prone to uncertainty. After Paperclip, our accounting is something that we're effortlessly confident in.”

Ravi Komatireddy
Founder & CEO @ Motiv Health

“Every startup is trying to balance execution and deletion of resources. We all have spreadsheets but it matters how data is presented and subsequently interpreted. Paperclip’s data is oriented toward answering the questions that startup founders are interested so that they can make big decisions, not irresponsible ones.”

Sharud Agarwal
Founder & CEO @ Akute Health

“Working with the Paperclip team has been great! Their service has been invaluable as a founder. Our income statements and balance sheets have been in need a lot for various financings and to have them already prepared, without any ask or intervention needed from me, has been critical. This has been a frictionless service for my most important financials.”

John Tan
Co-Founder & CEO @ Workbase

"Paperclip has been a life-saver for us as a growing startup. They have been able to automate our entire accounting workflow meanwhile providing sound advice. Would definitely recommend!"

Nicole Granath
Co-Founder @ Tangible Materials

“As a brand new company, we were looking for the fastest way to take care of our finances and accounting so that we can spend our time building. We needed to partner with a company that could highlight and take care of the essentials for us.”

Jay Goel
Co-Founder & CEO @ HotSwap

“Having a team of CPAs where we could ask very specific questions and get detailed explanations for the standard way to categorize our transactions has been really helpful for us. Rather than trying to cobble together advice from blog posts, it has been informative to be able to talk through it.”

Alex Chumbley
Co-Founder @ Fable

“Long story short, we love Paperclip. Takes care of our bookkeeping and provides plug and play metrics for my monthly investor emails.”

Yarden Shaked
Co-Founder & CEO @ Varos

“No hassle, cost effective, responsive customer support. Paperclip goes above and beyond”

Abheek Basu
Co-Founder & CEO @ Tachyon

“We really appreciate the monthly reports and love the responsiveness of the team!”

Michael Otis
Co-Founder & CEO @ Procoto

"Paperclip took the time to get to know me and our business and fully took over the day-to-day accounting responsibilities from me”

Jon Wang
Co-Founder @ Shimmer

“Fast, simple, and get things done well”