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Automate your bookkeeping, reporting, and taxes.

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The easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to
take control of your finances

Financial Operating System

Paperclip is modern finance software you actually want to use. Beautifully designed and powered by a data pipeline built for technology startups, our unified platform lets you monitor, control, and optimize your profitability from a single place.

Bookkeeping for Startups

The bookkeeping needs of startups are special. Whether you need clean books for fundraising due diligence, existing investor reporting requirements, or simply to be a good steward of investor capital, Paperclip delivers timely, accurate financial reports in a format you and investors understand.

Tax Compliance on Autopilot

Missed deadlines and IRS penalties are a thing of the past. At tax time, we deliver a package with everything you need to file. Don’t have a tax CPA? Paperclip Tax, powered by Accountalent, will make sure your taxes get filed on time, every time.

KPI Dashboards

Get actionable intelligence at a glance. Intuitive visuals help you manage your burn and optimize your key profit drivers in real-time.

No-Code Financial Queries

Create custom persisting tables that pull, manipulate, and summarize your financial data the way you look at the business, not your accountant.

Tax and Reporting Ready

Income statements, balance sheets, general ledgers. Generate the reports your tax accountant or investors need in just a few clicks.

Trusted by our customers

"Paperclip feels like a member of the team rather than a third party service provider."

Bryant Lee
Co-Founder @ Cognition IP

"They are incredibly responsive and go above and beyond to make sure I understand my finances."

Ali Ansary
Co-Founder & CEO @ Ozette Technologies

"Paperclip made it easy to keep our books up to date with minimal work on our side."

Sarah Ahmad
Co-Founder & CEO @ Stable
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